Panoterių Petro Vaičiūno pagrindinė mokykla

Panoteriai Petras Vaiciunas basic school of the Jonava Region

Jonava Panoteriai Petras Vaiciunas basic school provides pre-school, pre-primary, primary , the 1st and the 2nd parts of lower secondary education.

Municipal budgetary institution

32 P.Vaičiūnas Street, Panoteriai , LT-55458, Jonava district, Lithuania
Phone/fax +370 349 47330
The data are collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities, code 190303724

The school was formed in 1909 as the primary Mankunai school with 43 students in grades from one to four. In 1944 it was reorganised to progymnasium with 228 students. In 1956 the shool started to provide secondary education. In 1990 it was named after the poet and dramaturge Petras Vaičiūnas. In 1994, after the number of students decreasing, the school was reorganised to basic school which provided the 1st part of secondary education. From 2004 the school is led by the Headmaster Liuda Urboniene.

School attributes